Reading Together Program

Join over 200 other volunteers and help children become more confident readers.

  • Attend a free orientation session
  • Complete a criminal record check
  • Attend a school orientation

Commit to 1.5 hours one morning or afternoon per week from October to May. All tutoring is done at the school during school hours. Substitutes are available when volunteers are ill or on vacation.

Email or call the Reading Together Coordinator today!

Reading Resources

Parents, guardians, grandparents interested in learning more ways to support young readers will benefit from watching the short clips below. Each video clip offers different strategies on how to support a child’s reading journey.

The most important factor in fostering a love of literacy is to make the reading experience enjoyable. Bedtime stories are an excellent way for parents to model expert reading without any stress. Visiting the library and used bookstores are great ways to allow children to explore and choose books they’re interested in.

Literacy in Kamloops has prepared six short video clips for their Come Read with Me program demonstrating ways you can support your child at home in learning to read.

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Come Read with Me – Session 1:

How we learn to read and how you can help your child become a lifelong reader

Come Read with Me – Session 2:

How to help your child choose a just right book and how-to warm-up the reading of a book

Come Read with Me – Session 3:

How to read a book together

Come Read with Me – Session 4:

When and how to correct mistakes

Come Read with Me – Session 5:

How to help your child figure out unknown words

Come Read with Me – Session 6:

How to use games to learn sight words