COVID-19 Update

We’re sorry to report that we have had to suspend most of our group programming for the short-term. Please watch for updates as we hope to offer them again as soon as it is safe and permitted. In the meantime we will do our best to adapt so that we can continue to provide literacy services in the community.

Our hearts are touched by your generosity and support. A big thanks to all those who have given their time and resources to enhance our efforts. It is making a difference!

Wishing you joy, health and optimism in the New Year!

Literacy Society of the North Okanagan

Literacy Society of the North Okanagan works with community partners and volunteers to help meet the literacy needs of people of the North Okanagan.

Literacy is the lens through which we see the world. It is a continuum that every one of us lives on, every moment of every day. And no matter what our level of education, every one of us has literacy challenges.

By not giving literacy the attention it deserves in our communities, we make the world a more difficult place for all of us to live and work.

The modern world speaks to us in a constantly changing language; one that often can be difficult to comprehend. Literacy is the ability to understand the rapidly evolving world around us, and to have a the ability to move confidently through it.

Literacy happens everywhere. Literacy is LIFE.*

*Adapted from The Literacy Manifesto – Decoda Literacy Solutions

We acknowledge:

  • The financial support of the Province of British Columbia and Decoda Literacy Solutions (made possible through funding from the Ministry of Education).
  • The Emergency Community Support Fund from the United Way Southern Interior BC, funded by the Government of Canada.
  • The Emergency Community Support Fund from Community Foundations Canada, funded by the Government of Canada.